Control module of a step motor of an automated breaker of the high-voltage power line

A breaker is a step motor controller having the following properties:

  1. Supply voltage: 12 to 42 V.
  2. Load current: up to 12 A.
  3. 4x opto-coupler inputs.
  4. Dry contact to indicate the emergency mode and display it at corresponding hubs. The controller was designed and manufactured for power-industry customers.
Bluetooth 5 modules of IoT
Bluetooth 5 location beacon (iBeacon, Eddystone-conforming). Supports concurrent transfer of ad frames and can be used for geo context advertising in service and retail, interactive tours and museum/exhibition navigation, contactless registering for events, etc. NFC, accelerometer, barometer, temperature and humidity sensors. Works in Mesh networks. BLE beacon can be used for locating without GPS and complement conventional location-finding methods. This solution can provide additional location-based information to museum or exhibition visitors. For marketing purposes, upon the customer permission, BLE beacon can be installed at stores to provide address-based discounts, at mass sports or entertainment events, or at the initial stage of wireless payments. Compatible with iOS and Android.
Industrial controller
The Industrial controller is powered by a dual-core processor with Linux OS, 4GB RAM, SATA support, 4 ports 1000 / 100Mb, communication interfaces - Ethernet + POE / CAN / RS422 / USB / HDMI.  It has 8 channels of galvanically isolated input / output ports.